Our Lady of Perpetual Help

How to use the calendar

The OLPH Parish Calendar is actually a combination of three different calendars:  OLPH Mass Schedule; OLPH Events, and OLPH Faith Formation.  By default, all three calendars are displayed, and can be distinguished by color.  Any desired combination of these calendars can be displayed by pressing the button immediately to the right of the Agenda tab located in the top right corner of the calendar.  The names of the three calendars will be displayed - each with a checkbox beside it.  Clicking on the appropriate check box will turn on/off the corresponding calendar display.

The three tabs across the top of the calendar (Weekly, Monthly, and Agenda) control how the calendar will be displayed.  By default the Monthly display is selected.

The calendar can be advanced or set to an earlier period of time by pressing the appropriate blue button located in the top right corner of the calendar

Clicking on any event will display information about the event. Clicking on the more details link at the bottom of the window will provide additional information.

Any displayed calendar can be printed by pressing the Print icon located in the top right corner of the calendar.  Font size and Color/Black & White options make the printout easier to read.

If you use Google Calendar, you can add one or more of these calendars in your personal Google account as Other calendars.  Just press the Google Calendar button in the lower right corner of the calendar.  After logging in to your Google account you will be prompted to select the calendars that you wish to add.  Once the calendar(s) have been added, you can adjust the color and whether or not they are displayed.